Born in July, year 1976 and brought up at different cities across India, as my father was serving the nation in Indian air force till 1997, I had the opportunity to learn different cultures and social lifestyle.

As graduate in arts, i had this inert feeling to set life on a creative path. Never wanted to do 9-5.

Thus in 2000 i joined TV channel as an intern and within 3 months was producing my own stories as assistant producer.

Later my dream of learning cinematography was throbbing my mind’s core.

My first learning break as assistant cinematographer in bollywood , mumbai, (2004) “ abrha ka dabrha”  A 3d film and then a wonderful chance to learn from the best ,innovative , creative , contemporary cinematographer in bollywood - mr. amit roy.

in 2006 , after taking his blessings and with gods grace, i took a plunge into the ocean of filmmaking as freelance director and cameraman for tv productions .

i have not done any feature ( 35 mm ) film as of now.
in near future….. certainly.

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